Autopsy: Madera Teen Died in Car of Heat Stroke

Graciela Martinez

Preliminary autopsy results show a Madera teen, whose body was found inside a car on a school campus, died from heat stroke.

Madera South High School Freshman Graciela Martinez died Wednesday.

Police say the 14-year-old was found dead inside her family's 328i BMW.

She rode to school with her brother that morning.

He went off to class, but she stayed inside the car because her class started an hour later.

At the end of school, her brother found her.

Her sister, Patricia, family told KMPH reporter Erik Rosales, "She was a nice person she came from school and then go to work, and then after work she would help my mom around the house. She didn't have problems in school or anything. She had good grades."

Detectives believe the family's car had defective door locks, and the horn was disabled because the car was not powered on.

Police say the 14-year-old only weighed 80 pounds and could not break the window.

Final autopsy will be released once police receive and process lab results.

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