Arsonist Or Not? 14 Wildfires In A Week

14 wildfires in the past week in the Yosemite Lakes area of Madera County has some residents believing it is the work of an arsonist.

The latest took place Wednesday afternoon with two fires.

The first burned about 5 acres.

However, the second wildfire scorched 60 acres, threatened 6 homes.

Thankfully, they were not destroyed.

While arson has not been ruled out, fire investigators are working to determine a cause for the wildfires.

But with so many fires confined to such a small area, even Cal Fire crews do say residents should be vigilant and report anything suspicious.

Still some say all those fires are robbing their rest.

Resident Bob Collins says, "It's very scary, my daughter can't sleep. She's up till 4 in the morning, looking for cars and trucks."

Although the flames missed Bob Collins home this time, he is worried about his neighbor's homes.

He says it serves as a reminder to keep your homes clear of dry brush.

Cal Fire crews will remain on the scene until Thursday afternoon mopping up hotspots.