Arrest Made, Firefighters Gain Ground on Pine Flat Lake Wildfire

One person is now under arrest in connection to a wildfire burning near Pine Flat Lake.

The fire started just after 6 a.m. in the area of Trimmer Springs and Sunnyslope Roads.

It covers 107 acres and, as of Saturday night, was 75% contained.

Firefighters were able to attack the flames head-on, before it could reach any homes.

The dry conditions, haven't helped either.

"When you walk on the ground ... it crunches. It's so dry, it's like tinder," says Susan Yarne, who lives in the area. "It is so so dry in this area. I know just in the three months that we have been here ... you can just feel the difference in how dry the ground is."

"Its unusual for us to have such an active burning fire this time of January," says Captain Ryan Michaels, with CalFire. "The fire was spotting ahead of itself, it was burning very aggressively. And for January, in our area, it is a concern."

Firefighters resorted to using helicopters to scoop water from Pine Flat Lake to help put out the flames.

But Yarne says something else would make a bigger difference, now and in the future: "Rain, rain, rain, rain!" she says.{}