Armed Robbers Strike Mariposa Museum

Courtesy: The Mariposa Gazette

By Jill BallingerThe Mariposa Gazette

The California State Mining and Mineral Museum in Mariposa was robbed Friday afternoon.

The crime was reported shortly after 4 p.m.

Within minutes, the area was under siege by law enforcement, but the suspects have not been found. The original call said the men were armed with a pick-axe.

According to two women who were inside the museum at the time, the men were completely covered in black clothing and were wearing what they believed to be night vision goggles.

The women said the two men herded park rangers to one area of the museum and went into the vault. The alarm was sounding, and the door began to close. The women believed the suspects would be caught inside the vault. Seconds later, one of the men slammed into the vault door with his shoulder and tumbled out into the museum.

From there, the suspects got away. Mariposa County Sheriff's Deputies and California Highway Patrol are canvassing the area now.

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