Are More Non-Indigenous Deer Wandering Mariposa County?

Photo from KMPH News Partner the Mariposa Gazette.


It appears that more than one exotic deer has wandered Mariposa County over the past six months, according to a recently released photo.

This photo, showing an adult European fallow deer, was taken off Agua Fria Road around March 1. It does not appear to be the deer euthanized by state Fish and wildlife officials on July 22.

If the times and dates are accurate, it appears that more than one exotic deer has wandered the county over the past six months. The deer that made local headlines this summer was a juvenile in May of this year.

The photo shown here was submitted by a GAZETTE reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

European fallow deer are raised commercially for venison. No one in Mariposa County has a permit for such an operation, however, state fish and wildlife spokesperson Janice Mackey said.

If you have seen or photographed a similar animal, please email editor Erik Skindrud at or call 966-2500.