Apartment Fire Leaves Dozens Homeless

More than a dozen families are now without homes after a fire broke out at an apartment complex in Lemoore.

It happened around 11 a.m. at the Tanglewood Apartments, near Hanford-Armona Road and Lemoore Avenue.

"I heard a big old boom, I went right here to the pool and I just seen smoke... black thick, nasty smoke," says Marissa Green.

"It was big, it was really big-- especially when the fire tornado was up by the trees."

The fire was so intense, the roof collapsed.

It took a crew of nearly 35 firefighters from Lemoore and Kings County to put out the flames.

Lemoore's Fire Department is made up of volunteers.

"It's a great resource to have them come out," says Manuel Dafonte, with the Kings County Fire Department.

"The more support, the better. It is going to be a long summer so we want as much help as we can in any way that we can get it."

While firefighters are still pinpointing how the fire started, those who live in the complex are on alert.

"Everybody just needs to be careful, a fire can happen from anything cigarettes, oil ... and with the heat and the wind? Everybody just needs to be careful," says Green.