Another Fire: Yosemite Lakes Residents Put On High Alert

People living in the Yosemite Lakes Parks area on Saturday had to deal with yet another fire.

Nearly 20 homeowners were put on an evacuation alert{} after a fire erupted outside of Rivergold Elementary School and quickly spread across the hill.

" [The fire was] coming right up both of our homes. And we couldn't see the flames at the time because we were engulfed in smoke," said Dale Wright,{} whose Lilley Mountain home was spared from fire damage by just a few hundred feet. "So, we didn't really know where it was, we could hear it."

Saturday's fire burned about 20 acres and did not damage any homes. Still, residents say that the number of fires has frightened them.

The foothill areas of Madera County and Yosemite National Park have seen nearly 20 fires within the last eight weeks.

Although a team of about 70 firefighters managed to get the fire under control within a few hours, they say the dry grass, tough terrain and the hills increase the likelihood of another fire.{}

Some residents feel that not all of the fires have been accidents.

Roger Hoff says he urges other Yosemite Lakes residents to watch out for suspicious activity.