Another Arrest In Madera Horse Theft Case

The Madera County Sheriff's Department announced on Tuesday they have arrested a second person in connection with a horse theft case.Sheriff John Anderson also confirmed that one of the stolen horses was sent out of state for slaughter last September.45-year-old Billy Ray Brown, Jr. was arrested Tuesday morning at B&B Livestock in Madera County.27-year-old Summer Rose Tex surrendered to authorities last month and is accused of stealing the two horses.The sheriff's department reported that Tex worked for the California Department of Food and Agriculture and had promised the owner of two horses they would be allowed to live out their days as "Pasture Buddies" for colts and fillies born on Harris Ranch properties.The horses never reached their destinations and at least one was shipped to a packing house in Washington and then to a slaughterhouse in Alberta, Canada.Only one horse carried a brand, which is why only one can be confirmed to have been slaughtered. It is believed the other horse without a brand was killed at the same time.The owner reported the value of the two horses to be a total $55,000.Brown was booked into the Madera County Department of Correction on suspicion of transporting horses out of state for slaughter for human consumption, which is a felony.