"Anonymous" Stages Mainstream Media Protest At KMPH

Members of the group "Anonymous" participated in a nationwide "March Against Mainstream Media" protest on Saturday, November 16, 2013, and visited KMPH-TV in Fresno along with several other Fresno-area media outlets.

Five group members staged their peaceful protest at the KMPH studios and met with KMPH-TV News Director Jim Turpin to discuss their concerns.

Among their chief concerns about media coverage, they told Mr. Turpin, are the lack of coverage of the ongoing radiation leaks at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, and a lack of coverage of any kind about genetically-modified food.

"Five percent of the world's food supply is supposed to come from the Central Valley", one protestor told Mr. Turpin. {}"And that's not going to be distributed because people are against genetically-modified organisms. {}People don't know what that's about. {}People right here that work in that industry have no clue."

Group members also want the media to be more willing to do stories about the effects of radiation leaks at the Fukushima plant, and to investigate what that might do to people living in California. {}One of the protestors said, "The radiation from that plant is going to reach us and affect us, not just in California but worldwide. {}How is it going to affect us, how is it going to affect our water, our food supply, and our way of life?"

Mr. Turpin asked the protestors for specific examples of stories they feel KMPH News could cover that it is not covering, and for specific examples of stories where group members felt KMPH News had not performed as they would like. {}Group members told Mr. Turpin that their protest was aimed mostly at national media companies, which they feel are controlled by a small group of people, and not at KMPH News or other local outlets.

They promised to inform Mr. Turpin of future stories they felt are important and which deserve coverage.

The group spent around 30-minutes at KMPH-TV, and group members said their plans were to visit several other media outlets before the end of the day.