Performance Reviews: How Managers, Employees Can Be Successful

By Louise Bauer Davoli

Staff performance reviews are a win-win for all involved. No company can grow and thrive without a group of productive employees supporting the efforts and objectives of the business. Without a structured evaluation process in the workplace companies miss out on an opportunity for an effective approach to delivering a high level of job satisfaction and professional development for employees. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of an annual performance review there are tips to survive the process and enhance your workplace experience.

Workplace evaluations can assist organizational leaders with figuring out how well they bring out the best in their staff. A formalized process to employee evaluations provides an opportunity to create a sense of appreciation and a feeling that the staff are progressing in their jobs and careers. Employees want regular feedback about their work and they want to know what areas of their performance they can enhance. Ideally the performance review process occurs at least yearly and provides an opportunity for managers and employees to communicate, share thoughts, perspectives, and information.

A successful performance review leaves the employee feeling motivated and excited about their job. If the employee's bottom lines about job satisfaction are unmet, it's less likely they will be motivated to pay attention to the goals for the company. On the other hand, if an employee feels acknowledged, appreciated, and fairly rewarded for past efforts, they will certainly turn out to be a valuable asset willing to go the distance by contributing to the success of the company.

Preparing for Your Review

- What's the Process

- Prepare

- Poor Review

- Take Away Message

Before you meet with your reviewer, take the time to list your main job responsibilities. Also identify which responsibilities you perceive are most important and why you consider those activities valuable to the business. You may also want to discuss any special circumstances that have helped or hindered you in doing your job this year? How did they affect your wok, what were the circumstances, and how did you address the issues?


Performance reviews ought to be a encouraging experience and something that employees look forward to. Cultivating an atmosphere filled with potential during the review process helps to ease the workers nerves. After the evaluation, they often can walk away from the experience with an energized attitude towards their work and be well motivated for the year ahead.

Eliminating the Drama

- Communication

- Schedule Consistently, Give Examples,

- Reflect, Improve and Focus on the Future