Animal Neglect: Auberry Residents Worried Horses Are Being Starved

Several people in Auberry are worried that nearly two dozen horses are being starved to death by their owner.

The horses, 23 in all, are on a barren ranch off of Auberry Road. There is no hay in sight. The horses, instead, eat on dirt. Some of the horses are so skinny that their ribs stick out and their hip bones protrude.

Residents, like Tara Imbrie, say they are concerned that the animals are being neglected.

"They're past the point of starvation,"{} said Imbrie, who first saw the horses in June. "Most of them have babies by their side, they are not producing milk, and the babies are very thin. The horses are wormy."

Imbrie said she and a group of other concerned people notified the California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as well as Liberty Animal Control.

"They had said that they are getting an average of 20 calls a day on these horses and that they are monitoring the situation," Imbrie said.

Imbrie and others sneak apples and carrots as they wait for officials to take action. She even called the Fresno County Sheriff's Office. When deputies arrived, Imbrie said, they just spoke to the owner of the horses.

KMPH attempted to contact the owner of the horses as well as the SPCA, but neither could be reached for comment.

With the days getting hotter and nothing being done, Imbrie doesn't think the horses will survive much longer.{}