Anatomy Of A Good Selfie

Don't try to deny it, everyone is guilty of taking selfies. (What's the big deal anyway? You ARE rocking that outfit!) We just have to have a little time and patience. It takes a few photos to get the right shot.

According to a new report from "The Atlantic," there are a few reasons why we are so critical about our selfies.

Depending on the app you use, your phone will snap your photo like you would appear in the mirror or flip the image and snap the photo the way others see you.

This can be jarring for us because our faces are asymmetrical and we are not used to seeing ourselves this way.

Also, by its nature, a selfie is taken at close range which leads to some facial features, like your nose or chin, being distorted or exaggerated because it is too close to the camera. (Don't run off to the cosmetic surgeon just yet. Selfies aren't the most flattering pics, period.)

But, here are some reminders to take a pretty good selfie:

Make sure you have good lighting.

Make sure you are adjusting the angle of your camera to cut down on any distortion.

And finally, remember to look at the lens.

Say cheese!