An Act Of Kindness After A Thief Steals A Woman's Groceries

You work hard to be able to buy food for your family, but imagine having all of your groceries stolen from your car. It happened to a North Fork woman while she was grocery shopping in Clovis. However, the store where she bought her groceries turned the bad situation into a great one.

"It was just gut wrenching and I got sick," says Meagan O'Dell.

O'Dell says she went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and bought $75 worth of food for her sons. Then she went to a nearby grocery store to finish up her shopping and that's when the thief struck.

The only thing left from O'Dell's shopping trip was almond milk and a torn bag. O'Dell says she went back to Trader Joe's to warn them the thief might try to return the food, but something out of the ordinary happened. She says the manager pulled up her receipt and replaced everything that was stolen for free.

"It was very heartwarming and it brought me to tears," says O'Dell, "You don't want to be victimized and for somebody to do something that awesome and that generous and kind, they didn't have to and I didn't expect them to."

KMPH really wanted to speak with the people at Trader Joe's about doing such a nice thing. Unfortunately when we called the grocery store's corporate office to ask for permission, no one returned our phone calls.