Video: Ammunition Shortage Leaves Gun Owners Searching

A nationwide shortage of ammunition has caught the attention of valley gun enthusiasts leaving many frustrated.

Some are turning to traveling gun shows to stock up on bullets.

Visalia Mayor Amy Shuklian says, "Even the 22 ammo, which used to be junk and cheap you can't even get that anymore."

Mayor Amy Shuklian, is a gun enthusiast herself. She says the nationwide shortage of ammo, has left her and others fed up, and vendors know it.

Mitch McKinlay is with the Rocky Mountain Gun Show.

Mitch says, "It's going crazy we've just seen a quadruple of the amount of people, everyone wants to stock up on the ammo."

Fear that some guns may be banned or ammunition taxed has prompted a run on supplies.

In addition, reports have surfaced stating the Department of Homeland Security confirmed a purchase order to buy an unprecedented amount, 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.

Weeks ago, the new Walmart in Clovis opened and lines quickly formed with customers in search of ammunition.

Mayor Shuklian believes with the assault weapons bill quickly losing congressional support, the rush for ammunition will die down as well.

She says California already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, but one change she would like to see nationally, is tighter background checks.

Mayor Shuklian says, "I have a friend who just got back from Idaho and said I can walk in and buy a gun that day. I don't necessarily agree with that because you want to know whose buying that gun, if they have any criminal or mental health issues."

Meanwhile, vendors will continue to ride the ammunition wave, all the way to the bank.