Gun Ammunition Sales On The Rise

Valley gun store owners say their shelves are becoming bare. Last month KMPH News reported gun sales are on the rise. Now, consumers are buying ammunition at a feverish pace.

James Mize, works at Clovis' Valley Rod and Gun store, he says people are afraid their gun rights will be touched, with California already having some the strictest gun control laws in the nation. He believes the federal government will simply force other states to follow the Golden State.

"About 10 days ago, these shelves were full, the only ones not selling right now are the larger caliber weapons. But the 223's, 22 mags., and primer supplies are almost completely wiped out," says Mr. Mize.

As ammunition and gun sales continue to skyrocket, gun enthusiasts are waiting to see what potential changes, if any, will take place.

The President's task force is currently meeting. An announcement is expected later this month.