Allegiant Air Forced To Ground Some Planes

Some flights at the Fresno International Airport were delayed because Allegiant Air is inspecting some of its planes.

KMPH News found out Friday that the cancellations and delays could last till the end of the week.

Allegiant said it had to pull as many as 30 of its MD-80 planes out of circulation for inspection. Its said there were possible compliance issues with the planes' slides. It's not been able to give a concrete timeframe for when they'll be back in rotation or when it'll stop canceling or delaying flights.

Several travelers were forced to wait some six and a half hours, like Nancy Rodriguez who was headed to Sin City to celebrate her bachelorette party.

Nancy Rodriguez says, "Well we really don't have any options, we were going to try and get another flight but they are all booked. So our only option is for us to stay and wait for our flight."

Christina Gonzales says, "We had show tickets at 7, so now we are losing out on that money, and now our whole day is shot."

The inspections were triggered by an incident on Monday, after an Allegiant Air plane was evacuated when a smoke detector went off.

Two people suffered minor injuries.

The emergency slides worked properly, but a review found fleet wide maintenance on the slides had not been done to the manufactures specifications.

So the Federal Aviation Administration got involved.

Passengers say they are frustrated.

Eric Broadwater says, "There were other flights I could have gotten on the United Flight but they wouldn't switch me. They said that's not allowed."

Some of the stranded travelers were getting $8.00 meal vouchers, and $200.00 refunds.