Alarms Going Off At Fresno Home Are Driving Neighbors Nuts

{}It's finally quiet in a North Fresno neighborhood after a home alarm that's been beeping for weeks was finally shut off. However, nothing was done until a KMPH Fox 26 News investigation.

In the North Fresno neighborhood a constant beeping sound came from an empty home for 3 weeks. People who live in the neighborhood say the sound was driving them nuts. Neighbors say the home has been vacant for awhile and all of sudden one day an alarm inside the home started going off.

The neighbors say they spoke to the realtor about what is going on. KMPH Fox 26 News decided to find out why the alarms were not shut off, so we gave the realtor a call.

Mishelle Fisher told KMPH Fox 26 News..."The beeping is coming from the solar panel alarms going off. When PG&E cut the power it set off the solar panels alarms." She went on to say "The homeowners are getting divorced, the house is in foreclosure and it is up to the court to stop the beeping."

Neighbors say after our news crew left the home 2-men showed up at the house and finally turned the alarms off.

KMPH Fox 26 News called the realtor again to find out who the men were and how they were able to turn the alarms off, but our phone call was not returned.