Alabama Child Hostage Rescued During FBI Raid: Kidnapper Shot Dead

Breaking: {}authorities hold news conference to discuss rescue operation where five year-old boy was rescued alive from an underground bunker near Midland, AL. {}The boy's kidnapper was killed by authorities during the operation. {}The boy had been held for more than five days after being taken from his school bus. {}The kidnapper shot the boy's bus driver and killed him during the hostage taking. {}FBI spokesman says just after 3:00 Eastern time FBI agents raided the underground bunker. {}Spokesman says negotiations had deteriorated and kidnapper was seen holding a gun. {}FBI says it appears child is unharmed. {}The kidnapper was shot and killed by FBI agents during the operation. {}FBI says will answer questions from media later but no questions were taken during the news conference. {}The child was taken to a local hospital and hospital officials say he appears to be physically fine.