Accused Killer on Loose: Cal Fire Increases Alert

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department is passing on new information about the search for 65-year-old Orville Fleming. The Cal Fire Battalion Chief lived in Sacramento with his girlfriend, Sarah Douglas. He is now accused of killing her last Thursday, May 1st. Since then, there's no telling where he is hiding. He is considered an avid outdoorsman and has been known to frequent the Sierra Mountains, Santa Cruz Mountains or Yosemite Valley. He also has plenty of possible hiding places. That's because, he had been an instructor at the Cal Fire Academy in Ione. He has keys on him to Cal Fire stations, gates, and trails."In the locations where he worked in our academy, there's gate access. That code has been changed," says Cal Fire Spokesman Daniel Berlant. "Security is also{}posted at locations."Berlant says the agency has asked staff at all locations from the Oregon Coast to the Mexico border, to put up posters with{}Fleming's pictures. "We have over 8,000 firefighters," says Daniel Berlant. "Many have never heard of him before, that's why I'm sending out the poster to know what he looks like, specifics about him." Those specifics, include tattoos. One is barbed wire on his left arm. There are also changes he may have made to his appearance. Detectives say he may have shaved his head and mustache. He could also be walking around bandaged- detectives said Wednesday that he may have cuts to one or both of his hand. He may have gotten them, they say, in the course of the killing.