Accused Cell Phone Thief Learns Painful Lesson


A man who held police and sheriff's deputies at bay, discovers that resisting arrest can be extremely painful.{} The{}accused cell phone thief was collared by a canine.

He{}spent two hours hiding in the attic of a strip mall.{} It was high drama seeing officers with their guns drawn.{} In the end, two police dogs took him down.{}{}"When they said get that black arm{}I put my hands up but the dogs bite me."

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies say his injuries were only minor but he got a ride to the hospital to be checked out.{}{} Lt. Shawn Irwin{}called the case very unusual. {}"It's not uncommon for people to take cell phones but from a person."

Just after 9:30 Wednesday morning Brenda Prieb saw it all unfold at this Starbucks.{}{}"Oh my gosh the guy walked right past my feet. {} He was just right there. {} I feel sorry because she just offered. {} He asked to borrow her cell phone. {} She was being kind and said sure you can use my cell phone and he took off."

Deputies say he dropped a butcher knife when he was being chased by a Fresno motorcycle cop.{} He crossed the street and climbed on to the roof above{}Sunnyside library.{}{}

Cell phone video shot by Israel Aguilar shows deputies urging the man on the roof to surrender but he ignored their orders.{} As the police helicopter circled, the accused thief climbed thru a vent to get into the attic.

People in the library were quickly ordered to evacuate.{} Fresno Fire brought in a ladder truck to shuttle police and deputies to the roof.{} The standoff lasted two hours before the accused thief was spotted in the attic of Salazar's grill. That's when they sent in the police dogs.

Brenda Prieb has never been closer to a police drama.{}{}"Kind of shakes you up when you know the guy had the knife on him. {} It makes you think twice."

The accused cell phone thief learned the hard way police dogs don't have a pause button. He now faces a number of felony counts.