About Kaweah Delta

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Several of the most important risk factors for heart disease are within your control.Cigarette Smoking. The nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow, which can greatly increase the chance of having a heart attack.Diet. A diet high in fat and cholesterol can add pounds and contribute to atherosclerosis. Increase fiber (fruits, vegetables, grains) and reduce fats to improve your heart health.High Blood Pressure. Hypertension can lead to blood vessel damage because the heart has to work harder to pump the blood through narrowed or hardened vessels affected by atherosclerosis. This damage can lead to the formation of blood clots inside the blood vessels, which can cause heart attacks.Limited Physical Activity. Regular exercise will keep you young at heart. Any kind of physical activity is beneficial.Stress. Relieve stress through exercise, soothing music, relaxation techniques or a warm bath. Stress is a part of life and learning to control it could prolong your life.Mission

To provide high-quality, customer-oriented and financially strong healthcare services that meet the diverse needs of those we serve.


Delivering excellence. Together, Kaweah Delta and the Medical Staff will be recognized for consistently delivering a broad range of exceptional health care services, superior clinical quality and exemplary customer service.

ValuesValley, I CARE...Kaweah Delta's Values

Vision{}{} {}We are able to anticipate and plan for positive action.Integrity{}{} {}We are committed to uncompromised honesty.Care{}{} {}We are genuinely concerned for the well-being of our patients and others.Accountability{}{} {}We are responsible to our community, patients and colleagues for our actions and performance as representatives for Kaweah Delta Health Care District.Respect{}{} {}We honor diversity and believe each individual is unique and important, deserving our best effort.Excellence{}{} {}Through continual learning we are committed to achieve superior performance. Our HistoryThe Kaweah Delta Hospital District was formed in March of 1961 by a vote of the community. The Tulare County Board of Supervisors appointed the first governing board. After the establishment of the District's physical boundaries and years of planning, operation of Kaweah Delta District Hospital commenced July 1, 1963, when the Board of Directors leased the former Visalia Municipal Hospital, a 68-bed facility and provided basic health care needs to the local community. This building, constructed in 1936, was in use until a new hospital was ready in 1969. Kaweah Delta Hospital is still in operation at this site.Kaweah Delta Health Care District is a political subdivision of the State of California, which is governed by an elected board of directors. The District derives less than one-half of one percent of its operating budget from local taxes. The remainder of its budget is raised from patient charges.The FutureWe're growing! In recent years, Kaweah Delta has provided an increasingly complex level of services to record numbers of inpatient, outpatient and Emergency Department visitors. Surgical, medical, cardiology, oncology and Emergency Department services at the downtown campus have grown significantly because of increased population and the closure of several smaller area hospitals. Currently, we are working on plans to complete the 5th & 6th floors of the Acequia Wing to better serve our patients A regional heart center and expanded maternity, emergency and cardiac services have provided a higher level of service to the community than ever before. The North Expansion has increased capacity and provides better patient access to the facility.We also look to the future as a training facility. In conjunction with UC Irvine, Kaweah Delta will embark on the development and implementation of 5 residency training programs for the doctors of the future. Training programs in Emergency Medicine & Family Medicine will begin in 2013. A Transitional Year Residency and Psychiatry Residency will begin in 2014.

Lastly, we will bring a new General Surgery Residency to the South Valley in 2015. Despite the challenges and changes of/to Healthcare Kaweah Delta is committed to its partnership with the community to bring the very best healthcare to the people it serves. We look to the future with optimism and a sense of purpose and will stay the course to provide leading edge services, technologies, and physicians to carry out our mission.