Abbey Floor Owners At Home, Customers Left With Unfinished Work

Customers of Abbey Floor and Covering in Fresno continue to voice their frustrations against the owners of the business, Gary and Glennyce Cropper.

While some customers are left dealing with half-finished jobs, our cameras caught the valley couple resting comfortably at their northwest Fresno home.

While they may attempt to hide from KMPH News, the Central California Better Business Bureau continues to gather evidence to help the Fresno County District Attorney's office bring possible criminal charges against them.

Blair Looney with the BBB says, "We have 19 complaints totaling $250,934, including one investor in the last few weeks that has given them $80,000 to become part of the organization."

One person who has filed with the BBB is Christina Foanene, owner of M.C.S. Company.

The company specializes in windows and glass shower doors.

She has signed invoices, stating Abbey Floors owes her nearly $2,000 for past jobs.

Christina Foanene says, "It might be considered by other people not too much, but for us it is."

Christina says she's trying to grow her business, and nowadays she has to make every penny count.

She showed us another invoice signed by Mrs. Cropper, to order a $1,100 shower door, on the same day Abbey Floors closed its doors.

Thankfully, Christina waited to place the order.

Meanwhile, back at the store we ran into Sheri Parkinson who paid $2,700 for new carpet back in August.

Sheri Parkinson says, "I feel they never ordered my carpet, just took my money and knew something was coming down the road later on, and they were just going to take it and run."

The sign has been taken off the building, which was done by the building's owner who claims he's owed some $200,000 in back rent by the Croppers. Also by the door, letters from the Department of Consumer Affairs State Contractors Licensing Board.

The President of the BBB says, "We would like to help the homeowners and any of the subcontractors bring this to a resolution where everyone gets whole."

It's a conclusion that may take a court of law to decide.