A World Map -- and a World Record? Fresno State Students Take on Shoe Challenge

A world map covered a field on the Fresno State campus. It's featured all the countries and continents, and even had a heart over the Central Valley. But, if you took a closer look, you'd see it's far from your typical map. It was made with shoes. Thousands of them. "We've been hitting up yard sales, schools, churches, different organizations," says Andrew Esguerra. Esguerra and about a dozen other Marketing students at Fresno State decided to take on this challenge in February. It is the first time a Guinness World Record is being attempted on a world map made of shoes. All the shoes, are going to at least nine local charities. "There are shoes that will go to people who need job interviews. You can't go worn down, you want to make a good first impression," says Esguerra. In the past, students have attempted world records with food, like salsa, fruit salad and smoothies. But this time around, students wanted something that would benefit even more peopleand leave a legacy. "I'm leaving my mark at Fresno State," says Bianca Mancilla. "This is what I did, what I accomplished as a student." The students will send logs, witness statements and photos of the project to Guinness. The record won't be official until Guinness verifies it. This can take several weeks.