A Wedding Nightmare When Mariachi Band Doesn't Show Up

On your wedding day you want everything to be perfect, but imagine if your wedding band didn't show up. Several Tulare couples say it happened to them when the mariachi band they hired didn't complete their end of the bargain.

Viviana Valdivia tells KMPH Fox 26 News that she hired Jose Valencia's mariachi band to play during her ceremony. She says she ended up not having any music while exchanging vows.

"I was very sad and angry because it was a very special day for me and he never showed up,"

says Viviana Valdiva.

Valdivia and her husband Jose signed a contract with Valencia. They paid him a $200 down payment for 2-hours of playing. When Valencia didn't show up, Valdivia says she called him several times to find out what happened; she says he either hung up or didn't answer his phone.

The Valdivia's aren't the only ones upset. Another bride had a contract with Valencia to play at her wedding reception. The bride says she paid the mariachi $350, but never heard from him again.

She searched for other couples that booked Valencia and found Valdivia.

"At first we were going to let it go," says Valdivia, "Now that we know there's more people out there, we don't want him to keep doing this."

The mariachi says he was in the hospital having surgery and that's why he didn't show up. He told the couple that he'll write them a check on Tuesday.

If Valencia does not pay the couples back, they say they will take him to small claims court.

Police say they can't get involved because the couples willingly gave the mariachi the money.