Urn Holding A Baby's Ashes Is Found In A Pile Of Scrap Metal

There's a mystery surrounding an urn in Madera. A man found the urn, which is holding a baby's ashes, while he was working and he's trying to find the owner.

Richard Azevedo owns a business where he picks up scrap metal and cleans out homes that have been foreclosed on. While Azevedo was dropping off scrap metal he found a small, silver box with an angel on it. When he got home and got a closer look at the box he realized it was an urn holding a baby's ashes.

"Someone's got to be missing this child or this person," says Richard Azevedo who found the urn, "It was probably thrown away by mistake."

The small urn with a label on the back has crematory information and the name 'Carrillo-Garcia.' Azevedo says he realized the angel means the ashes inside are a baby's. The Madera man says he knew right away he needed to do something.

"It's shocking to me because I couldn't sleep last night, I was wondering who this person is," adds Azevedo.

While Azevedo was working on Wednesday he kept the urn with him in his truck.

"I know it's in my hands, so it's safe," says the Madera man.

As a parent and grandparent Azevedo says he wants to find the urn's owner and return it to them.

"I'm thinking it caught my attention because it wanted to find its rightful owner," says Azevedo, "I mean that's the only thing I can think of."

The label on the back of urn has a scratched out first and the last name "Carrillo-Garcia." It also lists the cremation number 36933 and the "Chapel of Light" in Fresno.

KMPH Fox 26 News called "Chapel of Light" and the manager says he is going through the archives to find more information about the baby.

If you know who the urn belongs to please call KMPH Fox 26 News at 559-453-8850 or you can email us at