A Trashy Problem: Employees At A National Retail Store Dump Useable Bedding

A Fresno woman is angry after finding a garbage bin filled with linens is headed to the dump, instead of a local shelter.

The garbage bin was behind Anna's Linens in northeast Fresno, near Blackstone and El Paso.

Comforters, sheets, pillows were found all ripped to shreds.

Items Anna's Linens store employees admit they destroyed before tossing them in the trash.

Shopper Megan Wright says, "It looked like they had taken everything out of the package. They being the employees and taken a razor blade and just slashed everything to shreds. It was very sad."

Megan and others wonder why the store employees did not donate the items.

Megan says, "People are in need and the items that were inside that dumpster would definitely give people a sense of self worth."

Shopper Stephanie Perryman says, "I can't imagine that they would do that. They should be donated, all the homeless and the folks at the Poverello House could have used them."

KMPH News tried to get a comment from Anna's Linens corporate headquarters. We left several messages but no one called back.

Store employees did tell KMPH News Reporter Erik Rosales, the reason why they threw out the items in the trash is because they were damaged goods and can't resell them.

Employees say they slash them up even more because they didn't want someone to pull them out of the trash and then exchange them at another store.

Store employees say they couldn't donate them, because of sanitary reasons.

Shoppers say that is why people own washing machines.