A New Neighborhood Watch: Fresno Neighborhoods Use Nextdoor

Are you interested in starting a neighborhood watch group? Well, now there's an app for that. Nextdoor is very similar to Facebook.

The social networking site has a website and an app. So far, 68 Fresno neighborhoods have signed up.

"It's like a social network for your neighborhood."

For Monica Beijens the safety of her family is a high priority. So, she started a neighborhood watch group.

"I sent some emails out through there," Beijens said.

Then Beijens decided to take the group online by signing her neighborhood up for Nextdoor.

"One of my favorite aspects of the next door website is you can post an urgent alert and it sends it almost like a text message to everyone in the neighborhood," Beijens said.

The social networking site creates private pages for neighborhoods. Only people who can prove they're part of that neighborhood by having their addresses verified can join. If there's a problem in the neighborhood, people who use the app are alerted right away.

"We recently had a car stolen in the neighborhood and people were posting about it," Beijens said. "Everyone was aware we should put our cars in the garage."

Most people say when they go for walks in their neighborhoods, they don't really stop to get to know their neighbors. However, they say the app is changing that, because they're starting to get to know more people.

"It adds to it," says Beijens, "I mean, there are a lot of people in our neighborhood that I would have never met before."

Nextdoor is also used as a community board. People can ask questions about lawn care, look for a babysitter, or organize neighborhood events.

To learn more on the Nextdoor app, click here.