A Lifetime On The Lanes - Kerman Woman Has Been Bowling For 60-Years

How do you think you'll celebrate your 88th birthday? One Central Valley woman is ringing in her 88th birthday by bowling, something she does every single week.

Bowling is a popular pastime and it's brought a lifetime of joy for Mae Bloom.

"I like to bowl and see people," says Mae Bloom, "I know a lot of people in Kerman, I know just about everybody."

Bloom started bowling 60-years ago while she was living with her husband who was stationed in Washington State and she needed something to do.

"He was on a little dinky ship. I think there were only 15 guys aboard and they needed somebody to run the bowling alley on the weekends," adds Bloom, "I lived on the ship and I had never bowled a lick in my life and I've been bowling ever since."

Bloom competed in state tournaments and made her mark all over the state.

"I've bowled from San Diego to Sacramento and every bowling alley in between," says Bloom.

Her home away from home is the lanes at Reno's in Kerman. She says bowling keeps her young.

"I don't see any sense in sitting at home doing nothing. If I can do it, I'm going to do it," she adds.

Bloom goes to Reno's every single Thursday night for ladies night with her 6-pound ball and her bowling shoes. So, it was only natural that she celebrates her 88th birthday with her bowling family.

"I love it. I know all these gals."

Bloom's birthday wish is to keep bowling for as long as she can.