Gun Holster For Your Bra? A Product Made By Women For Women

Many women across American are now able to reach for their gun right off their bra strap.

It's a new invention created by women for women; to better protect themselves.

"We are the victims; we are not equal physically to men. This is our equalizer. This is what gives us the courage to say, I can go anywhere...I can do anything," said Corina Lopez of "Blush and Bullets" gun club.

Lopez and the club teach women to fire, especially when the mark is an attacker.

"If we can bare children, we can bare arms," said Lopez.

It's a motto for the group.

Now, thanks to companies like "Flashbang," and "Shooting tulips," women can draw faster and easier.

They offer sleek holsters that allow women to connect their gun to their bra strap, corset and garter belt.

"What's the point of putting it in a purse? What's going to happen? Somebody comes up to you and the first thing they are going to take is your purse," said Lopez.

They are not like the old stiff, leather ones built for men; the new straps are fit for a woman's curves.

Lisa Looper of Oklahoma is the inventor of Flashbang.

She says she held her first gun when she first became a mom.

She says she wanted a product that would allow her to carry a weapon while still feeling feminine.

According to women at Blush and Bullets, the product is shinning a new light on women's self defense. {}

"I have a lot of women who have stories of being attacked, being threatened, and they don't know how to defend themselves. I don't know any other way to but maybe arm to themselves. But it is also important to know the laws of when you can use a weapon, when you cannot and how to use a weapon," said Jose Moreno, a shooting instructor.

The Valley gun club teaches women all the steps in shooting and owning a gun.

The club welcomes experienced shooters as well as those who have never held a gun.

"It's a fear, which you have in you of a gun. You shouldn't be afraid of a gun, you should be afraid of not knowing about a gun," said Lopez.

The Blush and Bullets gun club will showcase many of the new holsters during a fashion show on March 29th.

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