UPDATE - A Community Without Water

UPDATE: Madera County officials say the water is back on in Parkwood. The county engineer says there is enough water pressure for people to flush their toilets and take showers. However, a boil order is still in effect. If you live in Parkwood and need drinking water Tuesday night, go to the 'Home Depot' in Madera. There is a water truck available but you need to bring your own container.

Also, Madera County officials will be at the park in Parkwood at 10am on Wednesday handing out bottled water.{}The water in Parkwood will be tested Wednesday{} morning and people will be notified right away once the boil order is lifted.

People in a Madera County Community had the water in their homes turned off on Tuesday. This is the second day in a row people in Parkwood have been dealing with water problems after a system failure.

At the Cantu house in Parkwood, the faucet is empty. The family says there is not a drop of water coming out of any of its faucets.

"As far as not taking a shower, it's the worst," says Charles Cantu, whose home did not have water Tuesday.

Cantu and dozens of others had to pick up bottled water at a nearby park. On Monday, Madera County officials issued a boil order telling people not to drink the water because of possible contamination. However, the water was safe to use for showers and flushing the toilet.

The county engineer said on Tuesday that the water had to be shut off in order to repair the problem. Something that a lot of people say is difficult to deal with because it is so hot outside.

"You know its summer time and it's hot" says Librado Marruffo, whose home did not have water Tuesday, "You have to shower, you have to use water and there are children out of school. It's tough."

The Madera County engineer says the community's well failed this past weekend. Crews were out all day trying to fix it and get the water back on.

"This is the first time I ever experienced anything like this before," adds Marruffo,"You know I've always heard droughts on TV, but I've never experienced anything like this before."

The Madera County Engineer says there are two permanent solutions, either connect Parkwood into Madera's water system or drill more wells.