8 Wildfires In One Night In Sierra: Is It An Arsonist?

People living in the foothills and The Sierra are concerned after 8 fires broke out just Tuesday night.Now fire investigators confirm all 8 are suspicious and under investigation.The fires are possibly the work of an arsonist.Fire investigators say all 8 wild fires broke out along a dirt road near the Lewis Creek in the Cedar Valley area.Right now, they are all under control and burned about one and a half acres.Jo Wolfe lives in the area and is concerned.She says, "It's devastating, just think if all of this burnt. How many years and years would it take for it to recover?"Wolfe says she hopes whoever is starting these wild fires is soon caught.She says, "Whoever is doing it is sick. Why would you want to do something like this? Why would you want to endanger trees and stuff, but people, family and houses and towns?"U.S. Forest Service investigators confirm all 8 fires are suspicious.Many were started in a line as if set to cause the most damage possible should they get out of control.Thankfully crews were on top of the fires and quickly gained control.Fish Camp resident, Jeff Rogers says, "That's no coincidence is it? We've had fires nearby caused by lighting. But this is the first time I'm aware of a suspected arsonists. I'm very worried."U.S. Fire Service crews want to remind the people who live in the foothills to always clear a fire break around their home.If you know anything about this case or see anything suspicious, report it immediately.