6-year-old Girl Saves Birthday Gift To Give To Someone Less Fortunate

Thanks to "the Grinch of Visalia," and a 6-year-old girl, it's a brighter Christmas tonight for many unfortunate Valley families.

"Dear Mr. Grinch, here is my birthday gift that I saved for you, to give to another little girl. Love Emma," Emma Lakey wrote in a letter to the Grinch.

Emma didn't ask for a gift from Santa this year, she asked the Grinch to help her give one away.

"Because I wanted to help a little kid in need," said Emma.

She recently celebrated her 6th Birthday.

Emma received a "Doc McStuffins Doll," a gift she had been wanting, for a very long time.

Instead of enjoying the doll, Emma decided to give it away to someone less fortunate.

"I like giving because it helps other people," said Emma.

Emma and her parents knew just the man to help get the job done.

She and her parents called Van Crawford, also known as Grinch of Visalia.

"It is really humbling. I have got to say I have shed a few tears this year, with all of the gifts that people and families have given," said Crawford.

Crawford decks out his home with lights, and puts on an elaborate show on his front lawn, complete with a guitar performance.

Crawford says he does it to spread cheer, but also to start a chain of giving back.

Visitors leave donations as they stop by to see Crawford's home.

This year, he has raised almost $9,000, along with 87-barels of food and countless toys.

"There was another family ... the Dominguez family. They lost everything to a fire in January, and then they fell on some other hard times, but they came and they gave all that they had. Their kids donated their entire piggy bank. Very moving moments this year it's just insane," said Crawford.

Emma is happy to join others, in pitching in to make the holiday brighter for those who need it.

"I like that they get that toy and it makes me really happy," said Emma.