Day 6: Searching For A Missing Firefighter Originally From Coarsegold

{}A firefighter who has strong ties to the Central Valley has been missing for six days. 41-year old Token Adams disappeared while on duty with the U.S. Forest Service in New Mexico last Friday. He's originally from Coarsegold, he graduated from Yosemite High School and was a member of the Kings River Hot Shot crew. Now, search crews in New Mexico are desperately trying to find him.

Hundreds of searchers have been trying to find Adams, but Wednesday the Southwest Incident Management Team took over the search. It's a special team made up of members from Arizona and New Mexico. They have experience in situations where there are searches or wildfires in rugged terrain. The special team is searching 25-square miles of the Santa Fe National Forest.

Adams disappeared while checking out a fire last Friday. He went with 2 other firefighters on ATV's, but Adams never made it back to the meeting point. Even though there is no cell phone or radio signal searchers are optimistic he's still alive.

"I always look for a live person. So, to me he's alive and I'm looking for him. If I thought he was deceased I would not be here," says Bob Rodgers with New Mexico State Police Search and Rescue.

The search for the 41-year old hasn't been easy. The steep terrain and canyons are tough to search, but that's not stopping anyone from trying to find Adams.

Adams has a wife, a young son and a baby on the way. His wife Heidi Adams released this statement Wednesday, "We would like to express the heartfelt gratitude we feel for all the men and women that are out there searching for token. We are thankful for all the support we have received from the community and our forest service family. Words cannot express how grateful we are to everyone involved. Please continue to respect our privacy during this difficult time.{} Thank you!"

Searchers say they will be back out on Thursday searching for Adams.