Reducing Valley Air Pollution: 560 Valley Drivers Get Free Emissions Test

More than 500 Central Valley people on Saturday received a free emissions test.

People got in line as early as 4 a.m. to see if their car would pass the test.

A typical emissions test can cost around $50.

And if a car fails the test, the bill can go up by hundreds of dollars, making it difficult for some people to foot the bill. {}

"I'm not working right now and to get this fixed, it helps me a lot," said Margaret Anderson.

She and hundreds of others received a free test and a $500 voucher toward repairs. {}

But organizers of the "Tune in, tune up event" say it isn't just about charity.

Their goal is educate people on the harmful effects of car pollution on the environment.

Organizers believe air pollution is a big deal in the valley and one that needs remedying.

"We hope they are also being conscious of what the program offers in return, which is a healthy air for everyone," said Jose Marin, a volunteer for the event.

Fresno City College students also took part in the education process.

The automotive majors conducted the tests, inspected under hood and got a close look at what makes a car hazard on the road.

The Valley Can and air district will host their next emission test event in Chowchilla on Aug. 10.