559 Brew master Creates New Beer To Honor Grandpa Al

A Clovis brew master is unveiling a new beer on Thursday to honor his late Grandfather.{} The beer, Raisin Farmer Ale" is something Rhett Williams and his Grandfather Al Gomes talked about for more than five years.{} Gomes was a raisin farmer in Caruthers for more than fifty years.Rhett Williams has been making beer in Clovis since 2012 and he wanted to make a beer that featured his Grandfather's favorite ag product.{} "It's a salute to Grandpa and all the raisin farmers in the Valley and that's what we're known for here."{}{}Al Gomes taught his daughter Cheryl how to drove on the blue tractor featured on the bottle of Raisin Farmer Ale.{} "He was born and raised in the{}Valley, family roots in the Valley for over 100 years.{} Raisin{}Farmer Ale means a lot to Rhett, myself and my family."Ryan Williams says{}a few local eateries already feature their{}Porter beer that includes mission figs.{} {}"You can go to a bar and get a 559 and know you're getting it made here, package her, quality product and it's always changing to some kind of ag product."Williams produces 310 gallons of beer weekly.{} Locally 559 beer is sold at Sprouts, The Market and Food For Less.{}{}Thursday's unveiling of Raisin Farmer Ale will be held from 6:00.p.m.. to 8:00 p.m. at the 559 Brewery 1465 Tollhouse Road in Clovis.{} The event is open to the public.{}