4-Year-Old Killed By 30-Foot Pipe In Accident

Visalia police officers are investigating an accident that took the life of a four-year-old girl.

Police say the car she was in collided into the back of a trailer, hauling a 30-foot irrigation pipe.

The accident happened just before three Tuesday afternoon, in Visalia.

Police say the 25-year old woman driver rear-ended the trailer of a Chevy pick truck.

The accident forced the pipe through the windshield, past the empty front passenger seat, and hit the woman's daughter in the head sitting in the backseat.

She and her mother were rushed to the hospital, where the little girl died.

Police say the 30-foot pipe was properly tied down and marked with a flag.

Visalia police say both vehicles were traveling in the same direction, and nothing fell off the trailer.

Investigators spent the day trying to determine what caused the accident.

Police say one thing is for sure, it is a tragedy!

Sgt. Amy Watkins says, "I think we all become busy in our lives, but it's incidents like this that we realize what we have and makes you want to go home and hug your children just a little bit tighter."

Police say it cold be several weeks before the investigation is complete.