3rd Grader's Award-Winning Essay: Mom Has My Heart

It's rare for an 8-year-old to tell his mom how much she means to him in a school essay.{}But third grader Troy McComas{}poured his heart out on paper. {}

The teacher in room 33 at West Fresno Elementary asked her students to write what Thanksgiving means to them. Troy McComas says it only took him six minutes to write an award-winning essay about the most wonderful woman in his life.{}

Here{}are three lines from the beginning of his essay. "When{}I grow up, I want to be just like her. She always takes care of me even when I'm sick. I really appreciate what my mom does for me."

Troy McComas may only be eight but he understands the true meaning of Thanksgiving.{}Troy's mother Sheniece never knew her oldest son was such a wonderful writer. "He came in with the binder and showed me what he wrote. I sat down and read it and got teary eyed. I thought it was beautiful because{}I didn't know he was writing about his mom," she said.

Sheniece is a single mom. Troy and his twin sister Tamera are the oldest of Sheniece's six children. Sheniece is currently battling stage two breast cancer. Troy addresses that in his paper. "Now that my mom is sick I will be right there to help her out."

"It's pretty rough sometimes dealing with the kids and having to be sick and stuff a lot, but I will make it," says Sheniece Hopkins. "It's just hard for me right now because I don't have a car. Just to get back and forth to my chemo session."

Troy's paper also features a colorful turkey. "I will never leave her side just like she didn't leave mine. I'm really proud of her. This is what I'm thankful for."{}

It took him a full page to list all of his mom's attributes. His essay is currently thumb tacked to the wall with family pictures. Sheniece says when she feels better she will find the perfect frame. "I didn't know he think that highly of me really," she said.

Troy received a pumpkin pie for his award-winning essay.