300 Jobs Available At Chukchansi Park

The company that manages food, beverage and hospitality services for the Fresno Grizzlies is hiring.{} The man in charge says experience is not required.{}{}

The line started forming early Saturday outside Chukchansi Park in downtown Fresno. Ovations, a subcontractor for the Grizzlies that handles food, beverage, merchandise and hospitality services, has 300 jobs available for the upcoming season.{}

Rod Hassett is manager of suites and catering for Ovations.{}{}"We're looking for positions for any food service area from concessions to catering, suites the Cru Club, everything."

David Wright was one of the early birds. {} He has a part-time job but he needs more hours.{} "Jobs are scarce and{}I see a lot of people are trying to find jobs. {} I hope I'm one of them. {} It's a good job."

Ovations, needs a kitchen cook, cashiers, food prep people and catering runners and wait staff. Saturday interest was high as prospective employees filled out job application forms.{} "We're getting people with no experience to people with lots of experience. {} It's all about needing jobs these days."

It's not too late to apply. {} The job fair at Chukchansi Park continues Sunday from 9 in the morning until one in the afternoon.