3 Children Are Arrested For Beating A 91-Year Old Veteran

The Fresno County Sheriff's department says a 12-year old and two 15-year old's brutally beat an elderly man as they were robbing his home.

"Since the robbery I get nightmares," says Josef Martin, "I try to forget these people, but it's not that easy.""

The World War II veteran says he's can't believe that such a brutal crime may have been committed by children.

"It's a shame that they're out there in the streets," adds Martin, "It's a shame that they hurt old people."

The 91-year old says around 1:30am on October 23rd his lights suddenly went on and that's when he saw one of the masked robbers holding a gun. Martin says one of the robbers pistol whipped him and threw him in the closet so hard his head went into the wall.

"I'm still suffering from that blow to my head," says Martin.

The Fresno County Sheriff says the kids were targeting Martin's neighborhood. She says the group knocked on the doors of 2 other homes, but when people answered the robbers asked for a fake person and then walked away. Investigators say the 3 kids then made their way to Martin's home where the 12-year climbed through the garage door window and let the others in.

Investigators say a search warrant led them to items from other burglaries. However, cash and jewelry stolen from Martin's home were not found.

The Sheriff says the 3-kids that are also accused of stealing a rifle from another home and selling it for marijuana.

Since the accused robbers are so young the Sheriff's Department says they will only release their names and pictures if they need to find more victims.

If you think the accused kids may have come to your home you can call the Fresno County Sheriff's Department at 559-488-1650.