3 Alarm Fire Destroys Apartments

People at a southeast Fresno apartment complex got quite a scare Thursday night.

A 3-alarm fire ripped through the complex destroying everything they owned.

The complex is located near the corner of East Kings Canyon and Sunnyside Avenue.

The fire broke out around 7:30 p.m. inside the master bedroom of Hester Phillips apartment.

Phillips says she was watching television in the living room with her boyfriend while her 9-year-old special needs son was in the bedroom.

She says she heard the fire alarm go off, but ignored it because it had gone off before due to false alarms.

She then heard her son yelling fire!

Hester Phillips says, "He ran out and said there was a fire and I tried to put it out but it got too hot, so I came out."

Phillips says after she ran outside she got her neighbors out above her.

She then tried to call 9-1-1 but says she was put on hold for several minutes, and was forced to call back.

Hester Phillips says, "If I could have gotten a hold of the fire department before, it probably wouldn't have been that bad."

Once fire fighters were notified, they quickly called in more crews and got control.

Fresno fire fighter Coby Johns say, "These fires in apartments like this are notorious for getting in the attic space and getting bigger and bigger."

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

A total of eight adults and two children will now be staying at a hotel for next few days.

Arson investigators are looking into the cause.

The total damage is estimated at 100-thousand dollars.