2nd Man Arrested In Fresno Convenience Store Murder Case

An arrest is made in an eight day old Fresno convenience store murder case on the same day a funeral is held for the man killed. Paul Randhawa is the owner of Super One convenience store and a cousin to Kashmir Manes who was shot and killed Thursday night August 23rd. "I don't know why he shot him. I don't know why. I want answer."

Friday morning funeral services were held in downtown Fresno for the store clerk his friends called Magoo. An hour before his services began, a Crime Stoppers tip led federal and local authorities to a car spotted in northwest Fresno. That's where 35-year-old Dwayne Dodson of Fresno was arrested.

The gang member and former parolee now faces one count of homicide after being on the run for eight days. He's accused of pulling the trigger in the botched robbery at Super One.

The funeral service for Manes was packed at Tinkler Funeral Home. "I don't know what to say. I have no words. It makes no sense. It makes no sense. He always smiled for the customer, always nice with everybody. There's no reason to shoot him," said Randhawa.

A second store clerk was injured in the hold-up, but he's okay. 21-year-old Christopher Roberts of Fresno was arrested a day after the robbery. He too faces one count of homicide.

Family and friends folded their hands in prayer for Kashmir Manes. "Very sad. Very sad. We have lost a nice cousin.{} He never say no. He always smile to people."

As a sign of respect Super One convenience store closed Friday so fellow employees could attend the funeral services for a man they called Magoo.{} The store re-opens Saturday.

Manes is survived by his wife and two children. Spiritual elders told KMPH News they have arranged to pay off the mortgage on his home.