Caught On Camera: $250,000 Big Rig & Trailer Stolen From Lot

Members of the valley's big rig transportation industry say thieves are hitting them at a record pace.

The latest crime, took place at the Pepe Kenworth Truck Center on Jensen Avenue near Highway 99.

The crooks took a brand new big rig and trailer worth more than $250,000.

Part of the theft was caught on camera.

Pape Kenworth General Manager, Charlie Davis says, "If somebody robbed a bank and took $250,000, we'd have the FBI and everyone else involved. But we couldn't even get any police presence here. It's very frustrating."

Davis says the crooks broke in through a side gate, hot wired the truck, crashed through a locked gate and hooked up a brand new trailer.

Davis says, "I just spent an additional $15,000 to install cameras, in both my yards. Right now, we have on site security at all hours. When we are closed, it cost us thousands of dollars a week. We have to do it in our other store in Bakersfield also."

General Sales Manager of Central Valley Truck Center David Bockelman says, "It's a big concern because it affects jobs. It affects companies' ability to do their job, and a lot of us are spending money on security to protect them all."

Davis says, "We deal with the largest industry in California, the agriculture industry and you can only loose so much. You know it takes a long time to make that kind of money."

Money that Davis says is becoming harder each year to make.

Truck owners say they would like to see a task force created specifically to help catch these crooks and track down the stolen rigs.