$2.5 Million In Unpaid Parking Tickets In Fresno

The city of Fresno is nearly broke, that's no secret.

But what if there were two and a half million dollars out there the city could get and it was refusing to do much to get it?

That is what is happening in Fresno, with the city's unpaid parking tickets.

City of Fresno Parking Manager, Del Estabrooke says, "When we are doing this program we are looking at car, registration and license plate. We are not thinking about people, it's the vehicle. Even when we have to so many that we are going to look for somebody we are just looking for address, I don't hunt them per say. If we come across them, great, If not we hope they still pay."

But people are not paying those tickets by the thousands.

Estabrooke says each year some 65,000 parking tickets are handed out in Fresno, totaling more than 2.5 million dollars.

However, only between 50 TO 65% of vehicle owners actually pay their parking tickets.

Estabrooke says, "If we're out and it pops up on the handheld computer that this has multiple tickets, we can tow it from the scene right there, and occasionally we do."

City staff says it doesn't have the man-power to physically go out and search for these vehicles with thousands in unpaid parking tickets.

So here's how the process works:

If you get a ticket, the city of Fresno gives registered vehicle owners 21 days to pay the ticket.

If you don't pay it or appeal it, a letter goes out, and the owner gets another 14 days to pay it or contest it.

If the city hears nothing, then a final letter goes out and you can no longer appeal it, and the fees are doubled.

A D.M.V. hold will also be placed on the car, so you can't register it.

According to city records here's the list of the top 5 registered owners of cars with outstanding parking tickets in the city of Fresno.

Topping the list is that Lynn E. Wess Senior with more than $2,300.

Second is Javier Sanchez of Fresno with more than $1,200.

Third is Tou Su Vang of Fresno with just over $1,100.

Fourth is Tina Deloney of Fresno with just over a thousand dollars, and fifth on the list, is Manuel Urrutia of Fresno with nearly $900 in unpaid parking tickets.

Bottom line if everyone would just pay their parking citations on time, the city could have an extra 2-point-5 million dollars in the budget.