School Bus Fleet Burned In Fresno: Million Dollar Fire

A large fleet of busses burned for{}forty minutes overnight in southeast Fresno. When the smoke finally settled the damage figure soared to more than a million dollars. 22 busses were either singed or devoured by fire just after 3:30 Sunday morning.

The busses are owned by First Student, a private company that contracts with Fresno Unified schools. More than 200 busses are parked on the lot in southeast Fresno. Keola Park says that created problems for firefighters, "The way those busses were parked and stored on that property they were in close quarters side by side, tightly parked next to each other allowing some difficulty getting out hose lines in between the busses."

Firefighters had to attack the boiling flames high above two ladder trucks.{} Fifteen of the 22 busses damaged were burned to a crisp. Firefighters haven't determined a cause and they say arson has not been ruled out.

Fresno Unified spokesperson Susan Bedi says, "First Student management has been in contact with us and have assured us that service to our special needs students will not be interrupted."

Students return from winter break on Monday January 14th.