22 Reports of Cars Vandalized and Burglarized in Hanford

Hanford police say almost 22 cars have been reported burglarized and vandalized since last Friday.

Police say the crooks seem to be targeting two separate neighborhoods of northwest Hanford.

"I can't see any explanation about it and why just specifically tires you know?" said Rosa Estrada, a Hanford resident.

Estrada and nearly 10 of her neighbors said their cars fell victim to a late night vandal.

They all woke up Saturday morning to find their car tires slashed and deflated.

Neighbors are left shaken up and wondering why anyone would do this.

"Makes me a little uneasy being that I am all on my own. I'm hoping I'm still safe" said Betty Roe.

And just a few miles across town, police say they received nearly a dozen similar complaints.

{}"Back doors popped open; the stuff from her glove box basically ran sacked all over the front seat" said Beau Searcy of his wife's car.

Searcy adds that the thieves got into the car smoothly, without as much as a broken window or lock.

"Slim Jim, wedge; they might have even had a lock picking kit. It was pretty clean" added Searcy.

Despite having personal things in the car, Searcy says the skilled crooks didn't take any of it and were probably looking for something more than just pocket change.

And Searcy says he it's becoming a trend in the neighborhood.

"About nine blocks were broken into and about three cars on our block alone."