19 Homeless After Chinatown Apartment Fire

{} Almost 20 people are depending on the Red Cross tonight for a place to stay, after their apartment building caught fire. The fire began around 11 Saturday morning, on the corner of Tulare and F Street in Fresno's Chinatown. "I was scaredwe were scared. We were trying to get people out of there ... to be burning? Man these are my neighbors, I see them every day. We know each other; they are family members' man," said Randy Dixon, a security guard, who works nearby. Fresno Fire department got first hand video during the rescue. The video shows large flames and clouds of smoke coming out of two of the windows. "Just as I stood up, I smelled the smoke. I thought that's odds so, I looked out my window and the smoke was billowing up from the apartment next door," said Michael Hertzig. Hertzig says he ran over to his neighbor right away. "He said close the door and bring me some water. But by the time I got back there, that whole place was just a gulf ... smoke was billowing down the hallway," said Hertzig. Firefighters say they arrived just as some people were coming out through a back balcony. Daniel Delgadillo was at the store, he says he came back only to see all of his stuff destroyed. "It feels like your heart fall to the ground, man. What am I going to do now? said Delgadillo. The building sits on top of several businesses. Firefighters say the building is old, with narrow hallways and no working sprinklers. Neighbors say if it weren't for people sticking together, things could have been a lot worse. "We was reacting as human beings. That was a desperate situation," said Dixon. Luckily, no one was reported hurt. The damages to building are still unknown. The cause of the fire is under investigation. According to neighbors, the building has been around since 1923. This is the first fire in its history.