17 Arrested For Stealing Cars; 8 Taken Into Custody Wednesday

The numbers speak for themselves.

Eight car thieves arrested on Wednesday. Seven stolen cars recovered and returned to their owners. And 17 people considered career criminal auto thieves have been arrested all together.

Tu Her had her 1998 Acura stolen early Wednesday morning. But, by 2 p.m., he got it back.

"It's an Acura Integra, so most likely people are going to take parts from it or something,"{} he said. "So, I thought it was probably going to be on the street where's it's all stripped down or something like that."

The Career Criminal Auto Theft Team, a Fresno Police Department task force, has pointed to 24-year-old Gustavo Sanchez as the ring leader.

Sanchez is a high-risk parolee who cut off his court ordered{}GPS monitor.

Police Sgt. Tim Tietjen said Honda's are still the most popular cars to be stolen in Fresno. He says chop shops pay $150 dollars per car. {}

Although Tietjen says he's not sure how long the 17 people arrested will stay in custody, he's hopeful their cases are strong enough to keep the majority locked up for some time.{}{}{}