13-Year Old Boy Makes A Wish and Gets A Special Surprise

A 13-year old boy battling a form of kidney disease is headed to Alaska. The trip is his wish that has been granted by "Make A Wish."

When 13-year old Clayton Tarabonavic and his parents walked into what they thought was a car show, the family says they were surprised.

"This blows my mind, because I didn't expect this. I thought we were going to have dinner, but I didn't expect this at all," said Clayton's father, Mark Tarabanovic.

Clayton's parents say he loves cars. They say he watches car shows and has car posters all over his room.

"He loves all the gadgets, the GPS, everything that comes with them," Mark said.

Clayton's dad says he started taking his son for car rides when he was just a baby. It was a way to cheer up Clayton, who has polycystic kidney disease and has undergone a liver and 2 kidney transplants. The family says having the surprise car show is a blessing.

"It was a nice surprise," said Denise Tarabanovic, Clayton's mother.

Clayton says he did see his favorite car at the car show, but his wish has nothing to do with cars. Instead, he's going on an Alaskan cruise.

"He's saying since he's 13, he gets to go do teen stuff," Denise said.

Clayton and his family will leave for the 7-day Alaskan cruise on Monday. He'll go dog sledding and be able to be outside. Something the 13-year old can't do too much, because he can't be in the heat for very long.

"Just to have fun and get away, it means a lot," Denise said.

Clayton's final treat of the day was dinner at his favorite restaurant.

"I know he's smiling on the inside," adds Clayton's dad.

After the cruise, Clayton is scheduled to go to San Francisco for a minor surgery. Then he will start the 8th grade.