11 Year Old Killed By 2 Cars, Community Mourns

Students and staff of Homan Elementary School in west Fresno could barely hold back the tears when talking about 6th grader Lester Lee Cox Junior.

The 11-year-old boy was killed after being hit by two cars.

Student Raquel Martinez says, "I'm going to miss him. He's my friend and I miss him very much."

Parent Maria Velasquez says, "It's very bad, my heart aches for the family, that little boy died too young."

Fresno Unified brought in more than a dozen counselors to help the children deal with their grief.

Staff says they are using this tragedy as a reminder to let the children know about the dangers of crossing the street and to always look both ways.

Homan Elementary Principal Suzanne Jones says, "It's a moment that I helped encourage our staff and students that we need to be reminded that life is very precious."

Police say Cox was struck by two cars Thursday night while crossing the street to greet his grandmother who had just arrived on a bus near Clinton and Warren Avenue.

Officers say she yelled at him to stop, but it was too late.

He was hit by one car and then another traveling in the opposite direction.

Police say neither driver was at fault in the collision, but the driver of the second car could now face felony charges after leaving the accident.

Police are looking for a 4-door light colored sedan.

Reporter Erik Rosales spoke with the 11 year old's mother, Tiffany Shanes, by phone.

She said, "We will miss you and will never forget you. You were so happy, outgoing, loved by all, always playing and loved the game of football. We love and miss you very much baby boy."