Crooks Steal $10K In Cash From Tourists

A tourist couple from China had $10,000 in cash and their passports stolen from them while inside of a Fresno grocery store, authorities said.

The incident happened around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Peach and East Kings Canyon WinCo Foods location.

The couple, who are in America so their baby can be born in America, sat their pink diaper bag full of money inside of their shopping cart.{}


Moments later a man and woman went up to the cart, looked inside of the bag and then head to the next aisle with the cart.

The man and woman{} finished their shopping inside of the store and then left.

"We have no passport, we can't do anything. We have no cash we can't buy anything, we can't live," said Ma Ming, who said that part of the money was intended to help them get off to a good start once their baby is born.

"If someone knows who took my bag, who take my passport, who took my cash, please tell me. You will save our life," he said.

Ming and his wife say they don't know what they will do next.

They are currently staying with friends.

They are hoping who ever took their bag will just bring it back to store, and drop it off to the manager.

Anyone with more information should call detective Juan Avila at (559) 621-6308 or Crime Stoppers at 621-STOP.